From a hobby to a business

I started designing and making jewellery in late 2015 as I couldn't find designs that inspired me.  I had always wanted to make sterling silver jewellery and finally booked myself on to a course at evening class.   I love the way the creative process works to produce something unique and beautiful. Most designs are inspired by shape and colour

I would wear my jewellery and received comments such as "I love your earrings", or "what a beautiful pendant".

The defining moment to set up in business came when a friend bought a ring I was wearing while we were out on our regular  Friday Night at the local pub. The fact that someone liked my jewellery enough to actually buy it was immense and so exciting! That is the best feedback in the world.

I have sold my jewellery through participating in Cambridge Open Studios that takes place in July and also at craft fairs and exhibitions. I have also sold my jewellery to fellow jewellery makers.

My designs are all unique and definitely handcrafted!

I can take commissions also.

Please take time to look through my work.